his contract following his conviction.

Her resignation comes after Sheffield United released a statement on Tuesday saying Evans would be allowed to train with the club. It said the club had not yet decided whether to re-sign him.

Ms Webster told Newsnight that "nobody" was making a decision about Evans, adding: "I suppose I feel I need to make a decision as patron of Sheffield United."

"My decision is made on the fact that I don't believe a convicted rapist, as in Ched Evans, should go back to a club that I am patron of and should go back into the community to represent the community," she added.
Ched Evans Ched Evans played for Sheffield United before he was jailed in April 2012

"He's not just going into a job, he's bandied as a role model, we cheer him on as a role model and he's influencing the next generation of young men who are currently still making their decisions on how to treat women and what sexual mutual consent is."

Ms Webster - who in an interview earlier this year revealed she was sexually assaulted as a teenager - said she had had a "positive" conversation with chairman of the Sheffield United before resigning.

It comes after campaign groups criticised the decision to allow him to resume training with his former club.

Almost 157,000 people have signed a petition urging Sheffield United not to take the player back after the club chose not to renew his contract following his conviction.

However, Sheffield United said there could be no place for "mob justice" in making a decision over his future.

The club said it had considered the views of staff, the Football League and the PFA, as well as the club's supporters and the general public.

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Does the autopsy show who was at fault?

According to a new autopsy report released on Monday, Mr Brown was shot at least six times, including twice in the head and and four times in his right arm. The autopsy, done at the request of the family by a private pathologist, also revealed that Mr Brown could have sustained two additional re-entry wounds.

According to Dr Michael Baden, Mr Brown was killed by one of the bullets that struck the top of his head and entered his skull.

Does the autopsy show who was at fault?

Monday's autopsy results only provided clues as to what happened during the shooting, but nothing is definitive.

Forensic pathologist Shawn Parcells, who assisted Dr Baden, said that one of the gunshot wounds to Mr Brown's arm could have occurred as he had his hands up, but it remains unclear if that was the case.
Forensic pathologist Shaun Parcells raises his hands Forensic pathologist Shawn Parcells demonstrates how Michael Brown might have been standing

This particular arm wound could also have been sustained while Mr Brown had his back to the officer or while he was facing the officer with his arms in a defensive positioning.

Additionally, Dr Baden told the New York Times that the wound on the top of Mr Brown's head suggests that his head was bent over when the bullet struck.
Pathologist Michael Baden at a press conference Dr Michael Baden has been the pathologist in numerous high-profile deaths

Dr Baden said that there was no gunshot powder residue on Mr Brown's skin, indicating that the he was shot from more than 2ft (.6m) away, although the exact distance between Mr Brown and Mr Wilson at the time of the shooting remains unknown.
How does this compare with witness statements?

Dorian Johnson, Mr Brown's friend who was with him during the shooting, said that the confrontation began as a scuffle at the police car window with Mr Wilson still seated inside. Mr Wilson fired his weapon out the window of the vehicle, said Mr Johnson, and the two teenagers took off running down the street.
Dorian Johnson Dorian Johnson was walking with Michael Brown in the street when Officer Wilson stopped them

While Mr Brown was running away from Mr Wilson, Mr Johnson says that his friend was shot once from behind and then turned to face the police officer while raising his arms in the air. According to Mr Johnson, the officer fired several more shots at Mr Brown before he fell to the ground.

Tiffany Mitchell, another eyewitness, recalled a similar narrative in an interview on CNN. She said that Mr Brown briefly struggled with Mr Wilson while he was still seated in the police car. During the struggle, Ms Mitchell says that the officer shot his gun through the window. Following the first gunshot, Mr Brown ran down the street, and the officer got out of his vehicle and shot again, alleges Ms Mitchell.

"Michael jerks his body as if he's hit and he turns around and faces the officer with his hands up," she said. "And the officer continues to shoot him until he goes down to the ground."
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